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We are best known for our scheduled LTL / FTL service between Canada and the USA. We are specialized in the shipment of dry goods.
We give quote by weight (100s) or by the skid and deliver in best possible transit times to and from Canada & the USA.
This is how our business started and we do so much more!

Provide a seamless transportation service both timely and cost effective is a core company value. Pasha has developed complementary
transportation services including LTL, FTL in both standard and expedited time.

Our transportation service is with a focus on quality. Customer service is a top priority at Pasha. You will always get the answers you need
to know about real time shipment updates.

We know how important role our team play in our success through your success.

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We will make sure your shipment reaches your destination 100% sure and safe

Pasha Trasnport іѕ a full ѕеrvісе logistics & cargo company, оur аіm іѕ tо gіvе the bеѕt to оur various clients аt аffоrаblе рrісе.

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